Monday, March 11th, 2013



I have had five clients in one week mention the need for urgency.
In others.
Five top leaders who want to know how to make people who work for them more “urgent”.

And we talked as if we knew what we were talking about.
We assumed we did.

Here’s what I think we meant: ( and you can bet we will go back at this in our coaching conversations)

Care more.
Feel the accountability for results more.
Be faster.
Have more energy.
Take more initiative.

But I am not sure.
So I am curious and  “chewing my cud” about this.

What does urgency get you as a top leader?
Can you get great results without urgency?
What are three other words you would use for urgency?
Is it your nervous energy you want to appease?
How do you shift energy generation and accountability from you to the company as a whole?
Is the “urgency”need an indicator of your own exhaustion?  (Come on carry this with me people!)
Can urgency be a continuous state in your company culture?

The blindspot here may be this:
When you ask your company for urgency or speed or accountability or results, how have you contributed to this request/demand not happening?

I’ll leave you with that.
I’m curious.


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