Monday, March 16th, 2015


I don’t have a one size fits all answer for this question.
I just know you should have someone who takes care of you professionally, someone on your side, able to talk straight to you, and cognizant of the demands of your role.

I write this on a Sunday night and remember the Sunday night heaviness of an imperfect Monday morning looming. I know that for the most part you don’t ever put the entire burden of leading a company down from your shoulders.I know that you have the hardiness for the job. And still. Because you have the ultimate power and perks, your job looks good to others from the outside. Also, you want the role and are used to holding this responsibility.  Worse, you may buy into the idea that you don’t need nurturing or support or care. Wrong. But how and where to get the care isn’t so easy given time constraints, confidentiality issues and the need to appear oh -so- strong.

My wish for you is:

You have a Board Chairman who wants to see you develop as a leader and takes time to assess situations with you and sees your need for growth and expansion as part of his/her job, not fixing something broken.

You know that a spouse or partner can be a safe haven but not a person who
can objectively support and advise you

You don’t rely on your team or a few team members to become your confidantes  for your self-confidence boost or for intimate conversations. Lean into them for
colleague-ship, not friendship.

You have a great long term friend who doesn’t care what role you have at work, but that makes you laugh and is safe for any topic.

You have something that refreshes you that is not work related whether that is mysteries books, piano or golf.  

You know the symptoms of self-neglect–losing your temper in public, being anxious about how you are doing, chronic health issues, loss of enthusiasm about the business, finding ways to run away from work and still look legitimate, avoiding critical people and conversations to name a few.    

You have a very tough job. Take care of yourself. No one else will.
They already think you are taken care of.


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