Monday, February 6th, 2017


I’m thinking of the turmoil in our world
It is hard for the center to hold with so many of our institutions in chaos and in need of transformation
It is so tempting to turn every event or disruption into a dramatic life or death moment. And, yes there are some that are life or death. You have to know the difference.
A fundamental question in any culture is, “Where does authority reside?”
In God?  In the top leader of the country? In the law?  In money?
(Sometimes in the US I think authority resides in celebrity and fashion)

But for your company, the authority should be in the customer
They are the boss, the power and the  the decider of life or death in your business
When politics knocks at your door–focus on the customer
When moral duty calls –think about your customer
When civic duty pulls–follow your customer
When you get entranced with your personal power–bow to the customer

The customer is your authority. Stay grounded in that awareness. Be humbled by
The demand to serve customers well
Let your customers be the rudder to guide your company through the churning in the world around you
Stay steady in that focus


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