Monday, September 15th, 2014


I’ve seen CEO’s who try to get out the the job demand to inspire the organization. They say it’s phony or too focused on themselves instead of the business or not needed, just fluff.  And I’ve seen charismatic leaders fail to inspire because it does ring false, it isn’t sincere and they are performing.

Some thoughts on inspiration:

–You can’t inspire if you are not inspired yourself

–What is the particular possibility that you want to move forward as your 
  legacy? Something that will make a profound difference for the future of
  the company.

–If you don’t know what this possibility is, then get busy and find out. Get a 
   good thought partner to help you get the fire in your belly going. You can 
   not be inspirational til you do this work.

–You may be burned out, scared of not having an idea other than doing the
  same ol’ same ol’ better.  Not good enough for inspiration. Not good enough       
  for  leading rather than managing from the CEO seat. Do what you have to 
  do. Get rested. Get different people around you. Search out new ideas.  
  Gestate til your own point of view emerges and excites you.

–Talk and talk and talk to grow your idea until it feels like the idea is pulling 
  you. You think about it, talk about it, buy books about it,and get glimpses of
  what you can make happen. Become obsessed with something worth being
  obsessed about.

–You are now ready to inspire and to have your idea pull people so that 
   you don’t have to push them

–You are ready to give yourself the gift of inspired work that excites and scares  
   you and keeps you interested every single day


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