Sunday, April 13th, 2014


I just said a big “yes” to myself and sat on my balcony in Mexico and read the March issue of Fast Company—the “world’s most innovative companies” issue.

I allowed myself to dig in, no scanning.  Still I got up to do little tasks to tone down my excitement, my energy.  And then got mad at myself for doing it. There is such a temptation to run from the energy of YES.  NO is so much more comfortable and controlling.  AND this issue is all about YES.  Every person and company in it is saying YES.

YES creates energy and action and results——if you don’t let NO tamp down all that excitement.  

YES to:
–Deciding to just start doing something/anything to solve a problem
–To the possibility of something new working—eventually
–Big important social goals and solutions
–Imagination, seeing that glimpse of different
–Steadfast determination to back-up the dream
–Strength of conviction
–A world view
–Caring about being green, gender aware, culturally hip and enjoying it
–The the pleasure, the amusement, the vitality of innovation
–To the irritations, the failures, the ego-maniacs, the boldness, the brashness, 
   the clash that goes along with innovation.

I would love to hear from top execs about the balance of YES & NO in your day.  How many opportunities do you have to say either?  How many times does the YES make you nervous and reach for control?  How many of your YES decisions are worth a “yes”?  What’s your default position?  Yes or no?   

A big YES  is unsettling.  I experienced it just reading about bold (enough to mean something) innovation.  But saying “yes” isn’t a feeling.  It’s a commitment.  


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