Monday, May 13th, 2013


You know how to win.  You know how to win OVER others.  And I am sure you probably know how to win WITH others.  But you’ re at the top of the pyramid even if you have flattened it.  So you have won Queen/King of the mountain.   You have been aggressive and ambitious in your early years.  Asking for and taking tough assignments.  Producing results and letting people know you have produced results.  You have been ingratiating to those in power.  Making sure you are welcome when you approach.  Knowing when to stand out with a contrary opinion and when to step back.  You have learned  how to make yourself look a little better than someone else without being disparaging.  You have pleased the powers that be without losing your integrity.  You have worked at paving  the way for your career.  You have created your own band/tribe of followers and celebrated with them when you passed another milestone to the top.  You have brought people along with you in your winning.  You have won!!  You have done it. You are there.
Now YOU shouldn’t win again.  Your company can.  Your team can.  Individuals who work in your company can.  But you have to give it up.  Now your only job is to make other people win.  Be aggressive in your coaching.  Be competitive in your hunger to beat the competition.  Be ingratiating with every customer you serve.  Laugh at your own ego  in order to make a meeting work or to set rivals at ease.  Keep score on who has exceeded your expectations and who could succeed you.  
And if you do happen to win–an industry award,  a new competitive edge, attention from the public, win softly.  Charisma takes attention from your people.  Bragging is embarrassing when you have already won.  Bow your head to accept the medal and then keep it bowed walking humbly and with sure feet.   You are on the top of the mountain.  A most precarious place to live without the support of others.


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