Monday, April 28th, 2014


It’s darn hard to keep any perspective at all in your role as CEO.
That’s why I write this.  To remind you of blind spots  that your role makes hard to see.

I you are like CEO’s I work with your tendency is to see your role as either too important or not important enough.
When you tend to too important, your habit is to carry it all alone, over prepare for all meetings, don’t delegate big chunks of strategic work, micro-manage people who, in realty, could give you a run for your money.  When you lean away from being important you under use the authority of your role to guide the company, you don’t use your power to inspire and demand high performance, you negate the symbolic importance of your actions.  

It’s hard to get perspective just right in the CEO role.
A young CEO (42) of Double Cross Vodka, intimate friend and business partner of our son, was killed in a car accident three days ago.
Through deep sorrow and heartbreak the people in the company want to know
what happens next and they want to know right away.  The CEO presence and imprint provides such security, such grounding for action that there is paralysis without that top leader in place.  

Good or bad in the role.  Too important or not important enough.  You matter to the lives of everyone who works for you.  It sounds old fashioned but you have their lives in your hands. Know it.  You matter. Learn. Improve.  
Take very good care of yourself. You matter.  To others.  That’s the needed perspective.  To others.


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