Monday, June 15th, 2015


In case you don’t know the phrase in the title, it means that when people are talking about you, your ears burn!!
No wonder you, as a top leader, develop blind spots. If not, how could you
stand the scrutiny.  This week I’m reminded of how much you are talked about, gossiped about and studied.

Why on earth did she do that?  Doesn’t she get it? Doesn’t she know what people will say?

What do you think he’s like at home. Have you ever met his wife? No wonder he hates conflict?  

Watch her in the meeting. She’ll fawn all over the Chair of the Board and ignore her own direct reports. She only manages up even as our CEO.   

You know how you’ll know when he’s irritated. Watch him. He’ll start to clear his throat. That’s the time to shut-up and wait for the next meeting

Her favorite is absolutely ‘X’. That’s who she confides in. If you want to influence her, get in good with ‘X’.  He makes her feel good and just tells her what she wants to hear.

You get the idea. And once upon a time it probably hurt your feelings when you got wind of the ‘gossip’. In a top role, it’s harder to capture the informal chat–especially about you.  So you toughen up and dumb down. The hard part is staying soft enough to want to hear the small percent that matters and ignore
the bulk of the gossip that power at the top generates. Remember that it exists and there is a lot of it.


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