Monday, November 10th, 2014


This topic has been on my mind all week.
I think it’s because I have had some bad health care experiences lately.
AND there was not a single person who wasn’t trying to do the best work that he or she could. There was not a single person who wasn’t pleasant and
client focused. All were competent if not expert professionals.

How does that end up being a bad experience?
How do you support and protect hard working people who want to do a good job?

l.  Kill absurd letter of the law rigid rules that become laughable as they create the opposite of what your business wants to be about.

2. Do not create so many ways to check on people’s competence that it makes them incompetent.

3. Don’t fragment works processes so that the left hand can’t know what the right hand is doing.

4. Don’t try to create accountability through check lists that insult and weigh down the service or product being offered.

5. Don’t create so much flexibility that chaos results. 

6. Don’t specialize tasks so that no one has the pleasure of a whole job being well done.

7. Don’t watch the clock more than the result.  

8. Don’t believe that only what gets measured, gets done.  Lots of good things get done that are not pulled by measures and rewards.  Make room for these.

9. Constantly create context so that everyone (as in everyone) gets the
understanding of what, why and how things are happening.

10. Don’t overload your company with too many goals and too many initiatives.
This weakens leverage and focus.

I see good people wanting to do good work in systems that have gone kind of insane.  Make a sane work culture for your people.


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