Monday, May 25th, 2015


It’s Memorial Day in The United States–a day to honor the military who died while serving.
Most turn it into a day-off picnic.
That’s OK. There many ways to celebrate and honor people.

I’m thinking about you as a top leader and your  role in teaching peace.

–Do you think high performance demands high conflict?

–What if you modeled bringing peaceful resolution to your company conflicts?
   There are plenty of them.  Corporate vs Retail.  Sales vs Marketing.
   Executive Committee vs everybody else!  (Yep) High Potentials vying for fewer
   and few top positions.

–What if every time you left the room, you left an atmosphere of graceful
   respect and readiness for cooperation

–What if you saw your role to include soothing troubled waters of your organization

–What if you regularly brought any conflict to your office for gentle conversation  
   and resolution?

–What if you taught that challenge creates higher level collaboration not, fight 
  or flight.  

–What if the world has to learn to give up killing to resolve conflict and you
   could consciously teach your associates that a peace laden, gentle 
   organization can out-perform, out- produce others and prosper.

–Do you think this is impossible or too Kumbaya for you?

Just a thought on a day that remembers that good people die due to conflict
that can’t be resolved.


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