Monday, January 20th, 2014


I’m interested in how top leaders can be so excited about the company values 
and yet be blind to or not interested in their personal values.
And yet, your personal values either support or erode the stated
company values.  Your personal values are up in neon for all to see through your day to day actions.

There are a million  reasons why you can excuse yourself from living the company values.  Complexity, competing values, extraordinary situations.

There is a very different feel to an organization when the top leader’s values support those of the company.  When this is not the case, there is a a kind of character flabbiness that leads to subtle cynicism, lax respect and self focus in general.

When there is a leader that lives the company values, all kinds of energy and power are in the atmosphere.  There is a back bone to the organization.
There is a sense of clarity and security that allows the focus to be on the business, not on personal safety.  There is a freedom to run fast.  The company makes sense.  Congruence releases energy.  There is so much less muck to manage.  

Try bravery.  Find a way to learn what values you demonstrate on a day to day basis.  


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