During the past few years, my curiosity and exploration of spiritual and religious topics has grown. I now know what an incredible transition time we are in for most faiths and how it leaves some of us in a kind of free fall with no place to land. And that being reverent and irreverent at the same time is OK.

Three years ago, I was in a very tough time of my life and found myself praying—you know the desperate imploring kind, bargaining with the God with the beard in the heavens. And it embarrassed me. And made me feel hypocritical. But I prayed on. And I decided if I prayed during tough times, then it made sense to pray in good times or on some kind of a regular basis. So, I bought plenty of diverse devotional books and began inventing a personal kind of a prayer practice. I would read and then reflect and then write my thoughts on my iPad. I think I wrote to hear myself think and to make the “prayers” concrete so that I didn’t start making my grocery list instead.

What I didn’t realize was how my reflections were chock full of the spiritual issues of our time written in a real raw unedited voice. I have learned that this is true from my early readers who have told me they were relieved and comforted and made thoughtful by my words and discovered that my reflections tap into a major trend happening today—the growth and impact of the “nones”—the non-affiliated with any religion. This growing group ranges from the completely indifferent to the spiritually searching with no place to feel spiritually “at home.”

Through the urging of my earliest readers, my reflections became a book—and then a blog—which have brought new people and new spiritual exploration into my life. If they strike a chord with you, I am gratified (and love to her your thoughts!) It is true that once you take one step, others follow in directions you would not have considered but for that first step.

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