Sunday, January 25th, 2015


Here are a couple of prayers from my book I PRAY ANYWAY–Devotions for the Ambivalent.  The book is written.  Now if I could just get excited about the right cover.  The question is how sassy do I want to be? It is not a provocative book but it is reverently irreverent.  Ideas?

Prayer 356

I want to growl I read
Too precious spiritual language
Love is blah blah blah
Make our own miracle
Affirm yourself silly
Sing la la la la la
Sit smack down with the lepers and say the same
Then you’ll be doing love


My gluttony is so huge
(How else could gluttony be?)
I want to read every book
I want to taste every food
I want to visit every country
I want I want I want
When I have I have I have
So much

The book has 365 prayer poems interspersed by my history of spiritual highs and lows and also a little primer about my kind of prayer


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