Sunday, August 14th, 2016


I am on vacation and so will keep this short to get back to The Game of Life
being played with my eight year old grandson who finds it terribly slow and doesn’t get the point but enjoys the popcorn.

My spiritual life would be a lot easier if I would simple stop reading so broadly.
But I won’t. I just finished The AGNOSTIC MANIFESTO by Lesley Hazleton and had a good time with it.

It celebrates the role of doubt in faith, the fun of exploring ultimate meaning  with an open mind and heart and the needed importance of imperfection.

A few tidbits:

“Agnosticism takes a spirited delight in not knowing.
 We need room for mystery, for the imagination, for things sensed but not proven, intuited but not defined”

“I want to explore unanswerable questions.”

“In doubt we trust!”

Montaigne–“we believe nothing so firmly as what we least know.”

Voltaire–“Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is an absurd one.”
And back to Hazleton–“In fact I find it hard–make that impossible–to trust anyone who never experiences doubt.”

The book is full of good quotes and the delight of exploring the possible.

(PS–also read lots of mysteries which may just be redundant of AGNOSTIC)


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