Monday, November 21st, 2016


I am struck by all that we don’t know. And the important decisions we make
while dumb. Two things remind me of this. One is the recent US election.
People on both sides decided their vote without knowing much about the issues.
Because it is so hard to know (and trust) the facts, we make decisions on goofy stuff. The other thing that reminded me of how little we know is a book I just read–UNDERSTANDING THE OLD TESTAMENT. Now this book is a tome, but my daughter in Oregon was reading it for a class and I said I would too. I loved it.
(mostly–with brain breaks) It clarified the structure of the Old Testament, it’s contextual history, politics, important people, and what was literal history and what was passed down theology. Yes, it changed my perspective on many things. Yes, I don’t always like that. But, boy am I under educated on so many things.


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