Monday, January 30th, 2017


Re-reading the reflection that follows gave me serious pause for thought.
I wrote it at least two years ago.
Thoughtful, honest and—–dying to be complacent


I ignore the world
It scares me
The hate is so big
And so tangle together
Every string pulls on another
Too tight to unravel
Fingers pointing everywhere but near
Not me—not now
I’ll help later
Let me enjoy
Just a little bit longer
I don’t want to look
Not yet

And so now, I spend at least an hour a day signing petitions and calling Senators.
Today, I will go to Senator Collins office to deliver a petition arguing against 
Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education. And I hate to be “against” rather than “for”.
But, do you want to smile?  I spent three hours yesterday applying to BE The Secretary of Education. Why the hell not?  Doing it made me laugh out loud. Why the hell not?


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