Saturday, September 3rd, 2016


My book— I PRAY ANYWAY: Devotions for the Ambivalent— will be out with a new cover and some changes near the first of October. In reviewing it, I’ve had great discussions with people. They tendency is to talk about the power of prayer, the hypocritical nature of those who pray and are not such great people, the deadness of most prayer, and the enduring state of a world in need of, well, love.

The words in the title that attract attention first are ‘prayer’ and then ‘ambivalent’. Some readers or potential readers are turned off by the word ‘prayer’ and then relieved by the word “ambivalent”.  Others are bothered by the word ‘ambivalent’ and wish there was more emphasis on ‘prayer. 

Right. But ‘Anyway’ is truly where I am coming from

Not sure about this God stuff?
Pray anyway
Wonder about the creative energy of the universe?
Pray anyway
Know that the world is cruel and unfair
Pray anyway
Your life has hurt and disappointed you?
Pray Anyway
Your life is magnificent, sparkling with all things good?
Pray Anyway
Pretty sure religion causes lots of problems
Pray Anyway

That is the grand experiment of the possibility of the sacred and divine in every day life.


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