Monday, December 7th, 2015


I was an espoused Atheist for three years.  I was soured by so much of religious craziness and generation of hate. I read all the trendy books on how bad religion is and how there is no God and, being ecumenical by nature, I distrusted any faith
that thought it was THE right one. 
It was liberating for a while. I kind of liked saying it to people.  It was a new thing for me to say out loud. I thought I would like the shock value, but there was none. No one cared or responded strongly. In a way, there wasn’t much to say. In general there weren’t as many gradations of “atheism” and therefore not much conflict or depth for discussion until we began to talk about what we were against—which is just the flip side of belief. 
Now, if I say the name of my book I PRAY ANYWAY: Devotions For The Ambivalent  the conversation begins immediately.
A young man just delivered my Christmas tree.
He saw the proof of my book and “boom”.  He talked about seeing a cobalt blue light that he has learned is St Michael’s color. He has a number that he knows is a positive sign for him every time he sees it. It happens too often to be random and never if he looks for it.  He doesn’t know about God but does know there is a connecting energy that can guide people to their good. Boom. Boom. Boom.  A good conversation.
That’s what I want this book to create.


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