Monday, November 23rd, 2015

DEVOTIONS FOR THE AMBIVALENT–(ambivalent is not a bad word)

Devotions for the Ambivalent is the subtitle of the book I am soon to publish. Today,I wondered if I should have used it for the main title, putting I PRAY ANYWAY in second place. However, the title came to me ‘as is’ and propelled the book into being, so I will leave it alone.

Two things struck me about the subtitle.  The book has 365 entries that I have gone back and forth about calling them ‘prayers’ or ‘poems’.  Well, wouldn’t you know it?  They actually are ‘devotions (regular spiritual or religious observances)  just like the title says. Go figure.

And I have come to like ‘ambivalence’ too. It sounds a little smart ass at first and people like it for that. Many are relieved to hear the word ‘ambivalent’ follow the words ‘I pray’.  I really like it too. “Mixed feelings, contradictory ideas” is the definition of ambivalence. Feelings are always mixed and contradictory ideas lead to good discoveries and the next set of contradictory ideas. For instance, the integration of science and religion is just beginning its battle of seeming opposites. See what I mean?

So, I respect and like my ambivalence BUT I put I PRAY ANYWAY first for good reason. That’s a decision I made to top my fickle feelings.

Regardless of fickle feelings, I praynyway. That’s a decision I Regardless of fickle feelings, I pray made.


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