Monday, August 11th, 2014


A miracle is “an object of wonder, a welcome. surprising, extraordinary event
that can’t be explained by science and is thought to have come from divine intervention”.

Mostly, I don’t care where a miracle comes from but I’ve had a few, seen a few. My response is to want to give thanks to a Higher Power/God that is beyond knowing so I must believe in this intervening awesome good.

I remember an affirmation that took me through a painful divorce and rupture of my family. “I expect a miracle today.”  I don’t know where the phrase came from but I hung on to it like a kid to candy. It kept me hopeful and looking for the miracle of the day. And they came–ten dollars in the mail right when I’d run out of money for the week, an invitation to a job interview without having ever applied for the job.  And later in life, living through a heart attack because I was in the right place at the right time. 

But my eye was caught by the title of this book.
I share it with you for the honesty of it, I think.
Maybe not every miracle is a miracle.
Thank goodness for those that are.

The Improbability Principle–why coincidence, miracles and rare events happen every day–By David J. Hand 

l. Law of Inevitability –something must happen

2. Law of Truly Large Numbers–given enough opportunities, unlikely things will happen

3. Law of Selection–we paint targets after the arrows have hit

4. Law of Near Enough–things that are sufficiently similar are treated as if they are identical

Food for thought.


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