Monday, May 30th, 2016


“I’ll tell you what shames me
The Fall from my overblown ego
After I realize
That I’ve huffed and puffed it up”


I have had people tell me, after reading my book, that I am awfully hard on myself. And I’ll think about that with some seriousness. I don’t know if I’m hard on myself or simply capable or an accurate assessment that I don’t mind sharing or have an odd standard.

I know that most the people who say that I’m hard on me are under the age of 40–the demogragh that doesn’t brook dents in their self-esteem and believes us all to be capable of anything. Wow, maybe I’m a curmudgeon.

I think I know when my ego is over engaged, maybe not in the moment, but after the moment. I love my accomplishments. I think I am a good leader, an interesting person, a generous person, a smart person, a funny person, etc.
That’s a healthy ego speaking. It’s the inflated ego that is ridiculous, that lies just a little to look better, that gets self important all of a sudden, that loves to be proven right, that grandstands the conversation. That’s the ego I’m talking about defeating. 

How I know the difference from the healthy ego and the inflated ego?
–The cringe factor is large upon reflection when the inflated ego is at play
–You are  happy and satisfied but no one else seems to be
–There is a sense of let down after the inflation moment
–There is usually a specific moment of hightened self congratulation rather than a solid steady ground of self-worth
–You say and do things that are embarrassing to the point of being ashamed

Anyway, my argument is with my inflated ego that thinks it’s the only one!!!


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