Monday, April 25th, 2016


I have been thinking and writing about prayer more than I have actually been praying. It happens. Many devout people struggle with times of huge doubt and
lousy prayers.  It is kind of a natural expectation in the life of anyone who has some kind of prayer/meditation practise.

I know what satisfying prayer feels like to me.
There is a sense of timelessness
I experience a kind of contentment that has nothing to do with my life.
Gratitude permeates the moment
I feel open to a kind of guidance
There is excitement and anticipation about life to come.
And there is a feeling of strength no matter what does come

Good stuff, huh?
But lots of times I skim over devotional books with boredom
I can’t stop my monkey mind
I play solitaire instead because I use my iPad for writing reflections and the games are right there!
I look to see what celebrity wore what dress to what event.

So I was glad to be able to dig deep and hold still today.
And find my sweet spot of prayer
Talking and thinking about prayer is so different from actual prayer
It’s kind of a pain to describe because it is impossible
Words just don’t cut it
But I try 


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