Sunday, July 31st, 2016


The fact that I just don’t care much about life after death is a pretty big
stumbling block when it comes to Christianity which is the religious language that I speak  most easily.

I’m very curious about “after death experiences” and the stories people share when they have had one. It can be compelling. I am open to past lives.
And I read lots in all of these areas. It is comforting. But it’s not what I base my
‘faith’ on. It would be lovely frosting on the cake. Plus it’s impossible to imagine not being. OK I’m getting weirded out. 

What to do about the ‘life after death’ issue. (I do say it really really fast when we repeat the Nicene Creed.) I have done quite a bit of historical reading about Jesus and his time in history. I don’t question that he may have risen from being dead. It’s just not that important to me. I care about life now, the spirit now, the experience of divinity now, and the importance of love now.

My mom was sure that after her death, she would join her sisters and mom and dad in heaven. I kind of sassily (very sassily) asked her if she thought they would be playing Bridge. She said, “yes”.  I lost my sass and was jealous of her sweet surety. I laughed and said I pictured us as kind of soul blobs bobbing around waiting for the next round of having a body. She said, “Oh Joyce!”.
Let’s have coffe and play a hand of Rummy. 

There you have it. Life here and now wins for me and to have it and live it abundantly. 


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