Monday, November 28th, 2016


Otherwise how come I would read so widely and so disparately about everything including the meaning of life?

I’ll answer that. Because I hate to read and write about what I already know.

Anyway, I just finished reading LIVING THE SECULAR LIFE by Phil Zuckerman which argues well for leading a moral life without the necessity of having God involved.

The ‘nones’–those non affiliated people with no specific connection to any religion is growing by leaps and bounds. Many are looking for a place for spiritual sustenance that makes sense to them. But most are not. Most just don’t care and never think about the sacred. Life is sacred enough. 
AND they have a kind of manifesto of kindness, care of the planet, justice,    caring for those who are in need, raising decent children. Hooray.

And the Humanist Secularists are organizing and creating a community to 
support their purpose and to create social connections with one another.
Hooray again. 

And I do mean ‘hooray’. But it made me wonder about my desire for something transcendent. Is awe of the mystery of our wonderful world not enough?
Not yet. Not yet. I pray anyway.


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