Sunday, January 3rd, 2016


Christmas made me think of Jesus—–and Muhammad and The Buddha.
I know Jesus best.
And not at all.
More questions than knowing.

But I do know a couple of things:
I don’t care about a lot of the common questions about wisdom leaders.
I like the mystery and go back and forth on what I “believe” about the facts– of Jesus’ life and death for instance.

Here is what I know:
—Something good happened from Jesus’ living and the story of his life.
And the ‘good’ continues. Many people want to live a more Christ like life.
They pass on the stories of Jesus and it is an anchor to a more loving, giving life. Hope, the mystery of life and the possibility of an unseen creator allow the pain of life to be transformed. And so the Christ spirit continues. True too, for 
The Buddha and Muhammad. The part I trust is that many many people in the world want reverence and divinity in their lives. And I know we have to quit making people wrong for how they approach the desire for goodness in the world.

—I will “pray anyway” without absolute belief and rightness.

—I know the peace and joy of deep prayer

I love the title of a recent book RELAX, IT’S JUST GOD.
The book is meant for non-religious parents to handle the topic with their children.  But for me it means, “Give up trying to get all your spiritual ducks in a row. Just go ahead and “pray anyway”.  


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