Monday, April 18th, 2016


Who are you who read this blog?

–Are you an official “none”?  This is the largest growing religious group (or non-group) in Europe and the US.  It is the people who when asked in a census, who declare themselves as NON-affiliated to any religion.  Therefore the designation–“nones”.  I’ll be talking more about this phenomenon. It matters in many ways.  But first——

–Are you a church goer who takes a lot of the theology and tradition with a grain of salt?

–Are you a man, woman, old, young?

–Are you indifferent or disillusioned about religion.  Which?

–Do you pray and laugh at yourself for praying

–Do you believe in Michelangelo’s God unfurling among the clouds in heaven?

–Are you curious about the relationship between religion and science.  Does the topic of evolution make you nuts one way or the other?

–Do you wish you had a fervent faith or belief

I had no idea that scribbling a few prayers/reflections down on a legal pad would lead to a book about the kind of questions I ask above. I am interested in you and what you think and feel and question and know and don’t know. I’m ready for conversation.


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