Monday, September 1st, 2014


Every “religion” seems to have its own stance about suffering.
Some minimize it with an approach like Bhuddism–working like crazy to create a distant perspective to it. “Mmmm how interesting, here comes pain. No need to suffer.”

I was raised a Methodist. Sorrow was quiet and private not made central to the church. Christ was risen, not stuck on the cross.  God was good– period. We were soothed by a good pot luck dinner. Gathering after a funeral had more cakes than people and tended to be noisy and joyful

I live in Mexico part of the year and the suffering of Jesus is appreciated and loved and is a sweet sorrow. Worship is mournful throughout the year.
Suffering is beautiful. Enjoyed.

And of course we have new thought approaches like those in the Course in Miracles that teach we create our own suffering and if we would only think differently we would not have reason to suffer.  

I recently had lunch with a business colleague. We tended to agree that a leap in learning seems to involve discomfort at best, suffering at worst.  
What’s your thought on suffering? I think you can learn in moments of great joy too.  It bumps you to a new stance in life. Then again, I come from Midwest Methodist stock.

One problem with Christianity is
Not just an early history of suffering
But the now of suffering
The pleasure of suffering
The implied reward of suffering
That turns so quickly to 
The habit of a victim

joyce wilson-sanford


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