Monday, January 16th, 2017


I love that suddenly God is constantly in the news and in best selling books. 
God is trending. Or Godness or Godlessness or whatever you want to name the divine.
We have had it with being quiet about our spiritual yearning and with feeling confused and embarrassed to admit it. Atheists, agnostics, the “nones” all swirl around the topic in different ways. Even indifference is not disinterested.

We, the ambivalent, the disillusioned, the confused, the angry,
are beginning to talk. We are coming out. 
Our conversations will help reshape religion for the future. We want to talk about how all religions can reform to include one another. We want legal, literal, punitive interpretation of the major religions wisdom books to stop. We will talk about differences without immediate judgment.
We don’t mind paradox. We trust it. We embrace the relationship between science and religion.
We like the mystery of being alive. We know that the energy of love has to win as the medium of resolving the polarities of our time. It will be a first time to do so without bloodshed.
It has to happen. It is happening. 

Stay steady. Stay open. Stay kind. Stay curious. Stay respectful.
Lay the foundation for the new.


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