Sunday, September 18th, 2016


I do pray ‘anyway’. The ‘anyway’ part is quite important. I’m not waiting to be hit over the head with a perfect belief. I trust, hope that there is a transcendent 
reality to our lives. God is one way to describe it. But my prayer and my study of praying can get too abstract and then it is worth nothing but my brain’s exercise.

So I love it when I get hit by a very grounding thought. This one comes from John le Carre ain his memoir THE PIGEON TUNNEL. His life and writing about spying, which is certainly bound to make reality very fluid, has taught him the following: Moral clarity is diminished by increased understanding. He says this: “The harder you look for absolutes, the less likely you are to find them.”

So if you are looking for a spiritual discipline for this election year, try looking harder at those around you who are spouting absolutes. Stay soft. Stay curious. 
Stay respectful. “Love your neighbor as you love yourself”. 

Look harder.
This is the essence of everyday prayer.


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