Monday, October 13th, 2014


We are a miracle resistant culture
It’s not that they don’t happen.
It’s that we don’t acknowledge them except in an off hand way, usually, by saying we were lucky or shaking our head with dumb bewilderment.

My daughter is making a list of mini-miracles she herself has experienced or someone close to her has relayed to her. If you want to share one, big or small, I’d love to hear it. I’m curious about what constitutes aa miracle for you.

Here’s my latest:
I was feeling fatigued at the slightest exertion. I have had a heart attack, so I called my cardio guy.I had an echo cardiogram that was not good.
It indicated “severe dilation of the right ventricle”–hello congestive heart failure. He ordered a catheterization for a week later.

A week before the echocardiogram I ordered a healing herb book by Hildegaard en Bingen a Medieval nun. I was on yet another health kick.
I ran to it after the test results. Good ol Hildegaard says green jasper heals heart problems. I ordered a heart shaped green jasper stone and loaded in into my bra by my heart. That stone drove me nuts.  My granddaughter hated it and cried if I showed it to her. It fell out. I lost it. Did not bode well. I was wary of it rather than comforted.

I had test nerves four days before the catheterization. My husband suggested a ride to the ocean for sunset. Good idea. I got in the car and on the front seat on my side was an aquamarine crystal heart the size of my palm. We were stunned and kept coming up with reasons about how it could possible have gotten there. I put that stone next to my heart and kept it there til the morning of my test—-when it fell out of my bra and chipped on the hospital floor. I did not panic. I knew it had done its work and wasn’t needed. 

The test showed no sign of dilation and no blockage. My heart was better than ever. There were other aspects to this odd healing, that I’ll save. Dilation usually doesn’t heal and certainly not in a week. I’m tempted to do what we all 
tend to do–accept the good result  but not as a miracle.  Maybe as an unsolved mystery! 

Here’s my question. If we were not miracle resistant, how many miracles would we experience in a day?  


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