Monday, September 29th, 2014


I trust, trust.
Belief and Faith are such loaded words.
I trust (as in “lean into, have confidence in”
That there is a reality beyond the physical world we see
That we co-create our reality with our most potent thoughts
That “God” is a positive creative force if we align with “it”
That we are in a true paradigm shift in religious forms
That we have been skewed to the scientific/rational point of view
That our world is soul sick
That silence and solitude course correct the soul. Wordlessly
That we are in a fragile moment of history
That every act of forbearance and compassion helps
That being human and flawed needs humor and fun
That laughter opens the heart
That each of our individual acts matter to create the tipping point for good

What do you trust in? Not who?
In this transitioning chaotic world, what holds you steady?
What do you wish you could trust in?


1 thought on “MY CREED–SO FAR”

  1. Paula Drouin says:

    I trust in love, innovation, commitment, friendships and in the "why" for doing something…

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