Monday, July 25th, 2016



10:30 am. I am alone at home for the day, night and tomorrow morning
First I sit and am a little giddy (carbonated is a better word) by the open space of no demand, no schedule, no people.  Yippee comes to mind

I make fresh coffee, eat bread and butter and read The New York Times Book Review. Sour dough bread from Scratch bakery. Next a leftover oatmeal cookie
When the cat’s away, the carbs come out. Indulgence is so good for the soul. Maybe not the body, but happy happy soul

Begin to think of calling adult kids to see about the beach. No,no,no.  Always that temptation to fill in empty space. Make pledge to sit in my favorite places and read whatever strikes me. Then I’ll read some more.  Summer, alone, books, cookbooks, magazines, shady nooks, fresh coffee Mama!!!!

10:58. Up to get out of pj’s (magenta with orange polka dots–makes me hot to look at them), look for reading glasses, get ice water.

11:13. All set. Couldn’t find book in process  HUMMINGBIRDS DAUGHTER
let it go watered a desperate plant. Got bag of books from library and iPad
Settled I tell you, settled!!!

12:00. move into full sun in yard to read. Need a little beach like burn for summer vibe with no cumbersome clacking beach chairs trail dropping of a flip flop,lotion, ever present cheese sticks.
12:15 Popsicles break. May have to move. Gargle across street blared Heavy Metal. Where are my ear buds?

1:00. Baby Break.  Proud grandmother brought over granddaughter for me to see.
Makes my youngest look like she’s ready for grad school
Back to sun and WHAT KATIE ATE cookbook.

1:11 (lucky number). Into house for lunch. Leftovers Salade Nicoise from guests last night. Way better today. Added potatoes chips and two chocolates from host gift eating like its the1950’s!!  Ate on front porch AT 1950’s Formica table that has one red wooden leg. It was a gift picked off a street by my son and daughter in law. Cream with red trim. Very happy
Read every page of WHAT KATIE ATE
Perused and realized I had already read SHANGHAI REMEDY. Hate when I do that
Fell into Kate Atkinson’s ONE GOOD TURN

2;36. Up for air from Atkinson book. Time for a nap. Not tired. But a nap is possible so why not?  A little Solitaire too.  Made ice water with strawberries in it in two quart jar. Hard to lift. Maybe a little Best British Baker Off. OK off the gird I go

4:23. Back on porch with ONE GOOD TURN. feeling a little lonely.  Or a need to be productive. Thanks Tyler. I shake it off !!  Coffee helps. What luxury my corner on the porch is. I will water hanging baskets next time I’m up.

5 pm switching to nonfiction AGNOSTIC MANIFESTO and will alternate with
Works for me. Refreshes the palette Don’ja  know!!

5:40. Eyes beginning to hurt. Wondering if I should go to beach for sunset
But I am content why try to augment contentment?

6:10. Silence strikes. My porch faces a well used street. I adjust to constant car whoosh–call it my ocean waves. But this silence of no cars is so luscious.
So secure. No random moving parts. So still. A car comes. Makes me sad
I adjust back to wallowing in the treat of”enough time” cars or no cars

7:46. Getting dark. I go in the  house to Not Fix Dinner. More luxury.  Think I’ll have frozen cherries.  I read until 10:30. Lights out. Eyes glad to be shut. 

Indulgence is so good for the soul. Maybe not the body, but a happy happy soul! Souls are not made for suffering.


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