Monday, August 28th, 2017



I have spent all day, after church, writing a Playbook to go along with I PRAY ANYWAY: Devotions for the ambivalent. The Playbook takes themes from my book (God, Ambivalence, Prayer, Hard Times, Ego Dilemma, and more), I introduce the topic. I have quotes to stimulate discussion as well as questions and exercises so that the Playbook can be used in many ways by groups, book clubs, classes, couples and churches. I have an assumption that I am clear about now that I wasn’t clear about when I wrote the book. That assumption is that most religions are going through a huge upheaval and new forms are going to come that are more inclusive and real and with high vitality.

AND I go to a very interesting African Methodist Episcopal church. It is base on basic Christian theology and scripture. It is my spiritual home. My pastor knows I am exploring new ideas in religion. This church makes me proud and joyful. The place rocks with good music. Not just loud. Good. It is authentic and organic when we meet. Today the pastor took off his collar in the middle of his sermon because it was limiting his movement. As he took it off, he said, “I was trying to look all cute for the baptism” and laughed at himself. There is so much joy and energy and a true message about love and triumph in tough tough times. Not theoretical tough times. This is a black church that has known racism in its face. Still joy. Still love. And still, “don’t mess with me” strength.  I feel blessed to have this home base that takes me “just as I am”.





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