Monday, June 9th, 2014


Thought I’d share a little history–my spiritual reality show– to give context for 
why I pray anyway.  Here’s the first entry:

I had my first spiritual inkling in 4th grade Sunday School
Mrs Selye was my Sunday School teacher
She inspired me.  I decided to be a missionary
She gave us all a Bible–The New Standard Revised Edition
It was maroon and looked like a book, not a Bible
Mrs Selye did the unthinkable.  She taught us how to write in our Bibles.
Permission to underline
I was a book worm and had a new book
So I read it.
Cover to cover stumbling determinedly through names and generations
I was fervent until 6th grade when in my own mistaken math
I put  two and two together and rejected God
Got mad at God
Good and mad


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