Monday, June 23rd, 2014


–Boys brought me back to church but not to God!
And not to the same church.
Only as I write do I realize I never attended church with my parents again.
But as a Freshman in high school I began to cut across the alley to the EUB
church.  Evangelical United Brethern.
Where the boys were.
Where we tolerated embarrassing activities in order to be close to thundering 
We roller skated, we sang Christmas carols to old people, we collected clothing
we served soup awash in giddy attraction.
I dressed up with great care and planning just to sit and rub elbows in church with my latest crush.
God played no part in this church going–

Here’s what I find interesting about Episode #3
My parents did continue to go to “their” church
And for 3 years they let me stay at home.
And never said boo about the switch when I started to go the EUB church.
Two very different experiences, I tell you.
I know my mom fussed.
And I know my dad protected my choice.
It was not a slight rebellion.
My young world view had been profoundly changed.
I appreciate the gift of their tolerance and respect for me.


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