Monday, July 28th, 2014


People have asked me to share more of my “spiritual reality show” which I have made into mini- segments for my book I PRAY ANYWAY–Devotions for the Ambivalent.  So I will.  Here is number 6. 

My marriage ended
The usual stuff
I was surprised by the nice guy
An affair –an abrupt ending
A shredded heart and bewildered little ones
A wise therapist piecing me back together gave me a recipe for dark night despair:
One shot of whiskey, one psalm and one thread on a cross stitch project
“If you still feel you can’t live, call me”
I never made a call
But god was front and center again
With a capital G
Psalms soothed me
Prayer guided me to accept and forgive. Really. And not as a victim
But to grow as a strong working single mama
Devotional reading kept me going
As well as irreverently humored friends and kids who needed a functional mom


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