Sunday, April 23rd, 2017


I have enough reflections for a new book.
I was reading through some today.
Here are a few that surprised me.
I don’t remember writing them.

—I don’t pray without God
I pray without shenanigans!

This one made me laugh because I mean it. Prayer is so simple. Blurt it.
Whisper it. Shout it. With music. Without music. In the car. On the toilet.

—Peel away everything
That isn’t God
Then peel some more

Hmmm. Not sure what I mean. I think I mean God is a mystery and the essence evades us.  I wrote these first two on the same day and guess I felt comfortable using the word ‘God’ which I often avoid.

—What a ridiculous agony
To love everybody
Makes things so difficult

Laughing again. You know how it feels in a good moment to love everyone–as long as it stays theoretical. That’s what I’m talking about

—I’ve been trying to kick the goad
(a great phrase–look it up)
To avoid pain
And making everything worse

Wow. Where did I pull that phrase from. That’s what’s so fun about writing. You just never know what is stored in your brain. Anyway, in Biblical times, a goad was used to make your ox move–goad him.  It was side at one end and sharp point at the other. So if the ox kicked, it only pushed the sharp point into his tender spots.  Yep, makes sense


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