Sunday, April 2nd, 2017


I am impatient and eager to do more with my book I PRAY ANYWAY: Devotions for the Ambivalent. I haven’t even done a formal press release. I got sidetracked with building a website which by the time mine is done will probably be obsolete. I want one place where all my writing can be gathered. So all is good–anyway. Check out the splash page which is up until the entire website is ready–  or  Fun to come

But, I want to do readings with lots of discussion. The last one I did we ended up talking about how awkward it was to talk about prayer.  We were blown away by how differently we each prayed. We even talked about times when we think something divine was going on or when we were sure God had spoken to each of us. We laughed a lot.

So I am in a getting ready phase of work.
I want to do online workshops about Prayer–why we pray, why we don’t, how we pray, new ways of praying, new ideas about science and energy and prayer and new movements in relation.  That kind of workshop.
And I want to do an ANYWAY kind of workshop. What do you do–anyway?  What do you wish you would do–anyway?  When is ‘anyway’ a good thing and when not?  That kind of workshop.

I made a decision when I began doing this work (writing three blogs, a book and counseling people, that first priority would be my health, then family, then experiences I’d better hurry up and have and then work–with the Divine guiding it all.

So, I breathe and look at my glorious Mexican flowers all around me and I press on, letting it all unroll with less push from me


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