Monday, November 16th, 2015


I wanted to write about the new book I have coming out the first week of December  I PRAY ANYWAY: Devotions for The Ambivalent! In fact, I quit writing this blog to work on the book and was surprised to see people had been reading
the entries regardless.  Thank you.

Hard to write about praying and ignore the horror of Paris. I would prefer to start writing here again with a joy focused entry. Or how I have a mantra to keep me out of the mire of my own fussing.

But, Paris.  Puts us right up against it. The “it” being how far to go in loving your enemy or in compassion for all sentient beings. I hear the retaliation talk. 
It sounds like sputtering in the wind for this kind of terror. To retaliate in kind is 
at heart, uncivilized where as traditional war is somehow OK. (Traditional war follows the rules for uncivilized behavior)  

I avoid a true response by focusing what we must do before we get to unleashed hate–love, feed, respect, give opportunity. But hate is here.
Evil is here. What to do?  Of course, I’ll pray anyway.  And then?  What to do?


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