Monday, January 9th, 2017


I often focus on the ambivalence, the ‘anyway’, of my book (trust me it will be released with a new cover Feb 1 and until then it is hard to buy but is available on Amazon) I PRAY ANYWAY:Devotions for the Ambivalent. 

Prayer itself is a huge topic, from how to pray, to types of prayer, to scientific studies of the impact of prayer. Prayer is a mystery that I like. What would we call it if we didn’t use the word ‘prayer’?
Dialogue with God?
Connection with my purpose?
Praising God?
Imploring God?
Sending a blessing or miracle to someone else?
Energetic connection for the common good?
Tapping into the creating energy of the universe?
Bringing my soul into focus?
Finding the place of peace and joy?
Plugging into love which is timeless?

Yes. Yes. And yes.

I want to hear from you and will put this question of Face book.
Prayer is an experience.  
My book shares so many different experiences as I experiment with praying.


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