Monday, August 22nd, 2016


The power of prayer is a big big big topic and this is a blog. I am introducing it to hear from you, dear reader (I love that Victorian phrase because you are a dear reader). I am finding that the best part of my book is the conversations I’m having when I mention it. 

So, power of prayer. Mmmmm. I know I have had prayers answered. 
Period! I know that I know the difference when it seems a prayer has been answered and when I’ve just been lucky. I know I brush off the anwered prayer rather quickly and just enjoy the result. Ingrate! I have seen the power of prayer in action in healing and it seems to be a felt reality among those praying.

Then there are the questions:
Who or what is being prayed to/toward?
What makes a prayer powerful?
Is prayer the right word for what goes on?
Is there a energetic power at work that “prayer” taps into?
What/who responds to prayer?
Is the act of prayerfulness what opens the person who prays to aligning with good?
Godness is not the Cistine Chapel guy, so what is?

By the way, prayer is not meant only to get the goodies for you or others.
But it seems to be what we turn to in hope or despair even if it is an inarticualte yearning. 

Would love to hear from you about the power of prayer.
You can respond here or at
Dear reader, I want to hear your voice.
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