Monday, July 31st, 2017


I am tossing around ideas and activities for a workshop I want to do (I’ll call it a playshop
because I want participants to play with ideas and beliefs in a lighthearted way.) I hope I have the nerve to actually do it. But I am giving you an odd tidbit on my work. As I have been writing and looking over my reading and resources/quotes I suddenly wanted to sum up where I was in my thinking. These are my predictions for the next ten years. I’ll be dead as a doornail before this turmoil is through. I’ll be madly projecting my energy from another realm. (Hey, let’s get spooky)
Anyway, a few of my predictions:

—Science and religion will merge as we begin to understand that science at its edges has no certainty and neither can religion. As new physics grows by working with the invisible, the mysterious, the awesome and the multi-outcomes possible it will bump into the

renewing religious examination going on. They will live together easily with no need of one negating the other.

—The violent hot hatred in the world will continue until the pain of is too much for most people to tolerate and they will have to become active in their own way to love hate to death. This will take a different kind of love than commonly understood. This love will need fortitude, savvy, discipline, persistence, utter determination AND still work from a loving stance for the common good or there will be no individual good.

—Most formal religions will continue to lose membership and engagement though disillusionment for older members and through indifference by younger members. Most young adults will be indifferent. However, a common phrase at use is “I am spiritual but not religious. Many of the alienated use it. I view it as a placeholder. It holds people in a space of what some call ‘neutral religion’. Not quite.

It does show an unwillingness to totally let go. Many of SNR still believe in God and pray but it is an individual approach based on personal experience. Eventually (I’m talking 20 years or more) new form and structure and ritual and ‘clarified truth’ will emerge. For right now ‘spiritual not religious’ provides a category people can live with.

—Church without walls will become a viable concept with social media creating methods to gather and discuss and pray and organize into like minds and hearts. ADD QUOTE ABOUT COMPUTER BEING SPIRITUAL BY HUSBAND OF????? British author

—There will be a different image of God translated through many lenses. The Father image and the Sistine Chapel image will fade allowing for new. It will take awhile for a common image to emerge that captures the modern post religious need. It will not be sacrilegious. It will be newreligious. Many books and article’s are being written about this coming from all Faiths. This is not a Christian Phenomena

—Literalists and Fundamentalists will begin to lose power because centralized power will not be attractive or tolerated by people in most institutions. The strength of over powering power right now is the last gasp of dying institutions as we go through this time of transition into new forms of living, worshipping, dying, working, playing and being.  Secularism as an organized approach to meaning in life and bettering will grow. Mystery will prevail.

There you have it. I will have all participants make their own predictions.

Would love to hear yours.


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