Sunday, November 5th, 2017

FUN QUESTIONS (shh— they may involve taboo topics)

Here are some of the kinds of questions we play with at my Playshops. And they are fun because we are being curious and flexible about hot topics in a light hearted way that  increases understanding and respect.

Please enjoy your own thoughts as you answer these and I would be out of my mind happy if you wanted to answer them in writing and share your answers with me. But, no homework shame!!

l. Look back over your life (no matter how long that might be) and name four happenings or moments or eras of your spiritual/religious background that stand out. Give each a name. As you name and describe them, what do they tell you.  What name would you give to your spiritual life for this moment in time.

2. If you pray (in the broadest sense of the word)

Who do you pray to?

What do you pray about?

When do you pray?

Where do you pray?

3. Assuming we are in a time of spiritual turmoil and we need a kind of garage sale for religion in general:

What would you throw into the trash?

What valuable things would you keep and how would you refurbish them?

What would you create that would be brand new?

4. What is your image of God? Do you have one?  What if ‘God-ness’ stays the same but our understanding evolves as we mature spiritually? What might be your emerging image?

5. Secular humanism is a growing movement and becoming formalized. It stands for compassion, caring for the planet, justice for all, the end of poverty, acknowledging the equality of all people, etc. Do we need God if this is the movement of the future?  Is something transcendent necessary?

6. “Nones” are a rapidly growing group of people who are non-affilated with any religion. Many are indifferent to all religion and others say they are interested in spirituality but not religion. Your thoughts on this phenomena?

7. Where do you experience ‘sacredness’?

These are the kinds of question we play with at my Playshops.

And I will be publishing a Playbook to use for reading and discussion groups as well as activities for Playshops. It will be out in April of 2018..

And a reminder. My book I PRAY ANYWAY: Devotions for the Ambivalent is ON SALE ON AMAZON AND IN BOOKSTORES.  I honestly think it is a great holiday and new year gift. It brings both COMFORT AND JOY with its truthfulness and humor.  Comfort and Joy are what I would like it to give you, as a reader.




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