Monday, May 9th, 2016


Puzzles me to care so much
About the BIG questions
When it’s the little ones
That drive me nuts

I have many interests, too many. I can second guess myself. I get bored. Sometimes I wonder about the book I’ve published (I PRAY ANYWAY) and think “I’m so over it” meaning I’m ready to write another book or that I question the quality of what I have written. 

And then, dear reader (sounds so nicely Victorian, doesn’t it?)  I hear from one of you. One comment from a reader renews my excitement for this topic of prayer beyond ambivalence and assures me that it’s just fine to put out to the world an imperfect but honest product. 

And here is some of what I hear: 

“I’ve been questioning if I don’t lose something in my life by depending only on the rationale part of living.”

“It is so reassuring to know someone else feels like I do.”

“I feel less lonely with my own ambivalence that keeps me from joining‘.

“We are in a moment of huge transition in the world about forms of faith.
I enjoy this kind of ‘prayer’.

This is just a smattering of comments. I so appreciate the reviews that have been put on Amazon. They help me see what the book is and does.

In other words, people—READERS MATTER.  Thank you.


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