Sunday, March 26th, 2017


I talk a lot about the need, my need, for silence and solitude.
(and a cup of coffee in a red mug)
It is the easiest way for me to allow for sacred to find me.
It is my welcome mat.

There is a third element that resets my thermostat of craziness in our hyper-active culture of achievement which is to literally slow down. Literally, as in on your way to the bath room.
I like to move fast and get things done.  I come from a family of women who could multi-task at top speed while laughing and talking. The five sisters and cousins were called The White Tornadoes after some cleaning detergent that worked miracles.

But when I am overwhelmed by tasks and competing priorities (which is the worst) I walk slowly. It feels nuts and then good. I’ll walk slowly to the laundry. I’ll move slowly opening and paying bills. I go five times slower.

And so I love the Buddhist of a walking meditation. It’s often done in a circle with others but there are other patterns that are used as well. A patterned path helps. The point is to become grounded in ‘now’ which is a nice place to live. If doing it alone,define your path. Then walk. One step at a time. Feel the bottom of your foot meet the ground. Feel and see where you are.
Do not take the next step til you feel this kind of now freedom. Here is the secret.
There Is No Hurry. You have the luxury of slow.

I did a day long walking meditation under the guidance of Pema Chodrun, a woman Buddhist monk.
She noted how the women in the group fell into this easily and laughed saying, ‘It’s because busy women, mothers and working women are yearning for the ‘here and now’ and their hunger makes it easy.”

So add slowness to silence and solitude to your welcome mat for the divine


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