Sunday, May 21st, 2017


It happens.
I’m living up to the dedication in my book–“to those who can’t grab on but won’t let go”.
And I’m irritated by it.
I wrote a book about my own spiritual ambivalence and confusion.
Who wants to read that?  As they say in marketing, “what is the reader’s problem and what is your solution for it?”
I dunno.

Then again. Maybe I write for those of us who just can’t say a full blown yes to a theology that no longer makes sense. I am so not talking only Christian. Maybe I write for those who have given up any spiritual aspect in their life and don’t know they want it and need it. Maybe I write for those of us who are willing to talk about our confused time in history and have some fun talking God, faith, doubt, prayer, updating spiritual words, affirming mystery, and experimenting with something transcendent. Who knows.

By the way, while I’m cranky, I hate the word “spiritual”. Give me some alternatives please!!

So here I am in an irritated moment. I do know this will pass because as I sit here I am still interested in the stack of books surrounding me. This topic of prayer and transcendent energy will not leave me alone. And I will take some time right now to do my kind of prayer and it will probably right my ship.

Hang in there with me.


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