Sunday, October 23rd, 2016


I did a reading of my book Thursday night–that led to discussion.
What I liked was that we looked like a pretty average bunch of people
(Well not the dull kind of average, but no exaggerated stuff in the room)
And we began to share:
–the churches we have tried
–the fellowship at the churches that were the primary glue to attending
–the disillusionment with organized religion as it kicked some of us out or made it so we didn’t want in
–how we prayed
–if we prayed
–what our prayer experience felt like
–the need for a better different kinder more compassionate world

And we were relieved to be talking about all of this with only curiosity and generosity. Relieved to share our experience, our disappointment, our continuing hunger for a place to dig deeper, beyond an only material definition of life. 

What a relief! To make this conversation legitimate with no need for large answers but to ask big enough questions. Such a relief.


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