Sunday, April 30th, 2017


I haven’t done a formal launch of my book I PRAY ANYWAY!
There have been lots of reasons for delay:
Waiting to have am author’s website
Waiting for new cover design
Waiting for review blurbs to put in the book
Waiting for reactions for formal readings
Wondering about its worth. Everyone is writing books today and with lots of paid for advice and support to do it (and most of the consultation is very very good. I recommend it).
I, on the other hand, just wrote a book because it seemed to appear.
I didn’t think about sales or who my ideal reader was.

Well now I am. And in a moment of thinking of moving on to a new book with strong purpose, clear market and clear need (CEO Note to self–What We Want You to Know) my husband
stepped in and reminded me of the value of I PRAY ANYWAY!

Here is what he said:
—This is a reassuring book. It is a comfort to hear someone put into words and thoughts that are hard to catch, because we don’t always know we are thinking them. It is a relief to read your book.
—Your impulses are authentic and legitimate. Many people share them, but aren’t bold enough to state them. We need the spiritual in our lives.
—There are many other people who have this kind of yearning to explore spiritual meaning in an overly secular, scientific model world with worn out religious approaches.
—Your readers are willing to explore and share as they strive to achieve new understandings and realizations beyond what exists now .
—It is this group of people (your market) that will create new forms in the future as we learn to respect again the role or mystery and transcendence in our lives. This is why we yearn.
—You have given voice to a new barely begun movement in a very personal accessible way.

Well there.
“He will not always say, what you would have him say. Then all at once he’ll say something wonderful!” (From South Pacific, I think.)  Thank you Don David.

I had gotten so close to my work, I couldn’t see it anymore. I had author’s fatigue.
So, onward.


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