Sunday, May 14th, 2017


I’ll take wisdom wherever it comes from

-Tell everyone you know: “My happiness depends on me, so you’re off the hook.” And then demonstrate it. Be happy, no matter what they’re doing. Practice feeling good, no matter what. And before you know it, you will not give anyone else responsibility for the way you feel — and then, you’ll love them all. Because the only reason you don’t love them, is because you’re using them as your excuse to not feel good-

Excerpted from Asheville, NC – Saturday, April 30th, 2005

Our Love,
Esther (and Abraham and Jerry) Hicks

This is what I call a spiritual practice, meaning it takes awareness and emotional discipline to get back to a place of love “NO MATTER WHAT”. ¬†Ugh. Just thinking about few of my own examples makes me want to rebel. (If you really knew how awful she is, you would be on my side. She makes me so mad, sad, disgusted, irritated, outraged, shocked, frustrated. See what I mean. Not an easy practice. Have to stop and adjust your feelings to a good place BEFORE anything can come right. Then go forth and love. ¬†Sounds bass-ackwards, right?

Anyway, I think there is wisdom here.
This kind of love is hard work. Extreme love. Grand master love. Olympic quality love.


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