Saturday, April 2nd, 2016


My book is now for sale on Amazon.
That feels good to say.

Here’s what I’m enjoying about having the book bought and read:

–So fun to hear what people get out of the book because what they like is often quite different from one another.  One will like it from a women’s point of view. Another group will like it because they are jaded about any kind of religion and the book is somehow refreshing. Most feel relieved to have their own ambivalence voiced and validated.

–It seem that readers realize we are in a big moment of transition in the world and among all religions and that the trick is to allow everyone to be right and not to decide rightness with any kind of bloodshed  We have to be grown-ups on this globe

–People laugh with me (maybe at me-could be) and that gives them some comfort and freedom to be a messy real human being.

–The book is starting great conversations among the craziest bunch of different people and that just makes me happy. Wouldn’t it be funny to be bound together in ambivalence with everything else wildly not compatible. That makes me laugh

I’m back from a month long Sabbatical. Feels good.  
And the book is I PRAY ANYWAY: Devotions for the Ambivalent



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